Quick look at upcoming Obedience class choices....

Here is a list of what will be offered in the next sessions for obedience classes. Look at individual class descriptions to find class requirements, times offered and class fees. 


CGC Class - New class starting Monday, August 31 - 7pm

Prepare and take the Canine Good Citizen test. Skills worked on include loose leash walking, stay, polite greeting, walking through a crowd, grooming, 3 minute supervised separation, recall, and distractions. Class is taught by an AKC CGC evaluator and week 6 is practicing or taking the test as determined by the handler. Class limit: 8 students.

Prereq: Intermediate Obedience 


See course schedule, fee and registration information

Brain Games - New class starting August 26

Have fun teaching your dog to think and solve puzzles.  Teach your dog to find a particular scent, or to find an object with your scent, or to figure out what you want using free shaping!  

Class limit:  8 students.   

Prerequisite:  Basic Training 

Fee: $100

Flyball 1 - New class starting September 29th, 2015

Class Description: Flyball is a dog sport in which two teams of four dogs run in a relay race against each other. It is a fast, athletic and highly stimulating dog sport. In this class we will use positive training techniques to teach your dog the core skills while also emphasizing fun and safety.

Class fee: $110 + membership dues. Class is limited to twelve students.

The Web Project

Kari Ekenstedt, DVM, PhD


Have you ever heard that dogs who love to swim have webbed feet? And have you ever stopped to ask yourself “What exactly are webbed feet, anyway?” Do water-breeds (like American Water Spaniels, Portuguese Water Dogs, etc.) really have anything different about their feet compared to non-water breeds? 

Spotlight on... Bonnie Creighton

Whether you’re a new club member or a long-term regular, you’ve probably met Bonnie Creighton, on duty, at the reception desk. For thirteen years she has greeted both canines and people alike, though she’s more likely to remember your pup’s name…not yours. That’s OK – Bonnie loves dogs, all sorts of dogs.  “The variety of dogs that come here make this job fun,” she said on a recent Thursday evening as she and her sidekick Nancy prepare for a busy evening. “I came here because I love dogs – not that I don’t like people.” she quickly adds. 

Beginning Ring Confidence - New class starting July 30 - 7 pm

New Ring Confidence class starting July 30. 

$80 for 6 weeks.


Open to dogs and handlers who are thinking about competing in Obedience or for those already competing who need work on increased confidence and/or focus.  This class will be geared toward obedience and rally work but the setup is applicable for agility as well.


Limited to 8 dogs. 7 pm on Thursday nights

Instructor - Laura Waudby

Game Night - Ring Room

Date to be announced



All members welcome - $5 per dog.


Run thru a maze, play tic tac toe with your dog, have your dog find the treat in the right box.  Lots of fun games to use up some of that extra energy in your dog.

Evaluations to determine class level

For new students wishing to begin training at advanced levels: Obtain an obedience skills evaluation. This is for handlers who already understand and use the mark and reward method (generally a clicker) to teach their dog new behaviors.

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